Importance of .Net Software Development

Published: 18th May 2009
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In the world of computers, software plays very important role just as hardware. This was recognized by Microsoft in earlier stages. Looking for new ways to improve their software, Microsoft made its software efficient not only to users but to developers as well.

.Net architecture not only helps businesses to make their existing software assets powerful but also to add new software services making them more productive. It can also prove effective in reducing application complexity and the related costs of developing and maintaining software.

.Net application development has helped to simplify development and customize of various enterprise level applications. This product comes as a part of Microsoft's Windows Operating System. .Net framework comes bundled with a lot of advantages, which makes it a widely used tool for .Net application development.

The .Net is built on the following Internet standards:

• UDDI, standard to search and discover Web Services

• XML, format for exchanging data between Internet Applications

• HTTP, communication protocol between Internet Applications

• SOAP, standard format for requesting Web Services

Advantages of .Net Software Development Services:

• Easy integration of any software into the Internet

• Supports directory services that can answer XML based questions

• Permits a wide variety of Internet devices to access data and applications

• Supports different levels of authentication of services such as passwords, wallets, and smart cards

• Ability to track visitors and report on the most requested web pages

The .Net framework is a set of huge library that encompasses various programming needs like user interface design, web development, data access, database connections, networking among many other algorithms. Hence the advent of .Net programming has simplified and made .Net application development very extensive.

Let's look at some important features of .Net framework:

• No language dependency

• Enhanced Security

• Easy deployment

• Easy Portability

• Interoperability

Commercial .Net Services that can be provided to Businesses:

• .Net Software Product Development

• .Net Desktop and Web Application Development

• Web Services based .Net Application development

• .Net custom control development

• .Net system design and application development

• .Net Architecture and design evaluation

• Developing web services using the .Net framework and the SOAP toolkit

• Migrating web and desktop applications to .Net

• Migration of application from .Net

.Net helps to develop your business, by generating large volumes of data that contain valuable information like individual facts about their customers, products, operations and people. By using .Net technology, web software outsourcing helps your business to do better.

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